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Bonny Leibowitz

Leibowitz’s solo exhibitions include Cohn Drennan Contemporary in Dallas, TX, The Museum of Art, Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX, Art Cube in Laguna Beach, CA, Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas, TX, No.4 Studio in Brooklyn, NY and The Neon Heater in Findlay, OH.


Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including those in Heidelberg, Germany, Buckinghamshire, England, Matera, Italy, Akko, Israel, Brooklyn, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, and Art Basel Satellite Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

Reviews and interviews of her work have been featured in Vassari21, Maake Magazine, Pleat, Studio Critical, Curating Contemporary, Mixed Media Tapes, Luxe Magazine, Modern Dallas, Art F City, Dallas Morning News, Art Funk and Papercity.

Originally from Philadelphia, Leibowitz lives and maintains her studio practice in Dallas, TX.

Bonny owns The Bonny Studio in Richardson, Texas, teaching painting classes in oils and acrylics and hosts cold wax workshops, and The Encaustic Center as well; teaching the art of painting with wax and hosting nationally recognized guest artists for workshops in their area of expertise.

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Bonny's oil and acrylic painting classes:

The Bonny Studio

Conditional Constructs

The work embodies a sense of presence in an ever changing, expansive atmosphere as transitions of all sorts; personal, interpersonal and global are considered.

I’m using a variety of materials in the making of both 2-D and 3-D pieces which introduce relationships between solid form and fluid circumstance. Oceans, land masses and rock formations, weighted in their history, can seem to be grounded in forever or actively dissipating, dispersing and vibrating into their surrounds.

In their 3-d iteration I am utilizing polyfoam, canvas or vinyl as substrates which are sewn, dyed and or painted and manipulated into sculptural objects. The 2-d iterations employ wax, pigments and inks on Masa paper and yupo.  In some instances, I am painting and cutting the paper, then hanging it freely from clips and filament wire tethered to the ceiling. They can appear as thin slices of atmosphere to walk around and peer through. Their thin, elusive appearance with cut out areas, are especially stark in contrast to their bulky 3-D counterparts.

While the work itself contains the tangible qualities of materiality, the concepts embodied bring into question all we perceive as reliable, including our thoughts.

I became increasingly entranced with these forms, materials and processes as conditions of our reality have drastically shifted and set us into, often unsettling, new states of being. Engaging here with the broad picture of what it looks like to navigate our lives politically, socially and culturally, speaks to how we exist in tenuous, shifting, precarious times.



Leigh Harrison

With a background in graphic design, Leigh Harrison transitioned to fine art when she began painting with oil almost ten years ago. Painting what she envisioned to be an atmosphere unseen by the human eye, she has successfully shown her work at several local venues. For the past several years, Leigh has transitioned to create more abstract, collage-oriented artwork, in acrylic or encaustic, using textiles, found items and various soft papers.

Leigh is fascinated by the art process and loves the use of color, line and texture to create artwork that is exploratory in combining a variety of complimentary materials.

Leigh was born in San Antonio, but has lived in north Dallas since she was nine. In her new career as a certified (PreK-12) art teacher for Duncanville ISD, Leigh works with 5th and 6th grade students. She has also taught private art lessons to home-schooled high school students. Leigh earned an associates degree in Applied Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas and a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from Midwestern State.



Deanna Wood

Born in Houston in 1966, Deanna Wood spent most of her childhood moving around the country with her family, returning to Texas in 1982. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in graphic design, both from Texas Woman's University. She worked as a graphic designer in a corporate environment for 14 years. After leaving the corporate world, she decided to pursue a career in fine art, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Texas Woman's University in December of 2004.

She's been working with encaustic since 2004. Her solo exhibition, Seeking Shelter, has been exhibited in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Reno, Nevada; Manhattan, Kansas; Lamoni, Iowa; and Douglasville, Georgia.

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Artist Statement

Personal Space

We leave our mark on places, but I believe they also leave marks on us. This series explores that idea – how these places shape us, how we remember meaningful places, and how our memories of such places change over time.

The encaustic process involves melting beeswax with a natural resin and then adding pigment. Hot wax is brushed onto the surface and then fused with a heat gun or torch. I was drawn to encaustic because of the tactile quality and the endless possibilities to explore transparency and opacity.



The Encaustic Center was a finalist for the 2014 La Vendéenne Award in Excellence in Education!


In 2011 the La Vendéenne [la vahn day en] Awards were created in honour of the fourth century AD female encaustic artist, Laia, whose remains were found, along with the tools of her art, in La Vendée [la vahn day] region of France. The Awards are intended to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement and practice of encaustic art.

Bonny Leibowitz

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