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Bonny Leibowitz

Bonny Leibowitz has been an influential participant of the Dallas art community since the late '80s when she moved to Dallas. The artist studied at Temple University's Tyler College of Art in Philadelphia then worked at a Dallas gallery and eventually began exhibiting in the region and throughout the southwest. Her one person shows include those in Dallas, Palm Springs, Chicago, Hawaii and Santa Fe, to name a few.

Bonny has been recognized for her art internationally through Israel bonds, traveling to Israel with Partnership 2000 and has exhibited through North Texas Business Council for the Arts at IBM. Bonny is involved with art donations raising monies for Art and Advocacy benefiting the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. She was interviewed by Nancy Ruhling in Luxe Magazine's winter 2012 issue and by Lynnette Haggard, November, 2012.

Bonny's most recent body of work Symbiosis was presented in the Blurr exhibition with Ben Terry at Cohn Drennan Contemporary, Dallas, TX. August of 2012. Symbiosis has been selected for a solo exhibition at Museum of Art at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls by Danny Bills, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions with a Gallery Reception and talk: Friday, November 9, 2012. The exhibit continues through January 25, 2013.

Bonny will be a Juror for the Plano Art Association 125 Show in March of 2013.

Bonny owns The Bonny Studio in Richardson, Texas, teaching painting classes and hosting drawing and sculpture workshops, and The Encaustic Center as well; teaching the art of painting with wax and hosting nationally recognized guest artists for workshops in their area of expertise.

Her presentation at the Sixth International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA in June of 2012 was a featured part of the conference.

You can read more about Bonny in a recent interview by Lynette Haggard.

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Artist Statement

I create visually seductive works which question perceptions and consider alternative realities to long held beliefs.

In this body of work "Symbiosis", I am exploring our physical, spiritual and psychological make-up. By recontextualizing nature, inviting form and space to interact and procreate in new ways we observe formation on fast forward.

Utilizing some of the great anatomical studies by DaVinci, I reveal a biological structure and create associations with organic forms such as mushrooms, plants and trees which in some cases offer and suggest a dialogue or intercourse with one another. Several pieces include elements of Peter Paul Rubens's "Massacre of the Innocents", an image with great struggle, movement and emotion as well as Bouguereau's "The Birth of Venus" with lovely putti in route to the heavens, all juxtaposed with big pink fur and compositions in which oceans, wings and mountains float about and ask if our notions of how things are is an absolute truth or a perception in this place and time.

Photography, encaustic wax and encaustic wax monotypes along with oil pigments have been a vital part of my art making process. The monotypes allow me to work on wonderful handmade Japanese papers in a very free form spontaneous manner. I sometimes allow the papers to extend past the board which gives a sense of growth and continuance.



Deanna Wood

Born in Houston in 1966, Deanna Wood spent most of her childhood moving around the country with her family, returning to Texas in 1982. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in graphic design, both from Texas Woman's University. She worked as a graphic designer in a corporate environment for 14 years. After leaving the corporate world, she decided to pursue a career in fine art, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Texas Woman's University in December of 2004.

She's been working with encaustic since 2004. Her solo exhibition, Seeking Shelter, has been exhibited in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Reno, Nevada; Manhattan, Kansas; Lamoni, Iowa; and Douglasville, Georgia.

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Artist Statement

Personal Space

We leave our mark on places, but I believe they also leave marks on us. This series explores that idea – how these places shape us, how we remember meaningful places, and how our memories of such places change over time.

The encaustic process involves melting beeswax with a natural resin and then adding pigment. Hot wax is brushed onto the surface and then fused with a heat gun or torch. I was drawn to encaustic because of the tactile quality and the endless possibilities to explore transparency and opacity.




The Encaustic Center was a finalist for the 2014 La Vendéenne Award in Excellence in Education!


In 2011 the La Vendéenne [la vahn day en] Awards were created in honour of the fourth century AD female encaustic artist, Laia, whose remains were found, along with the tools of her art, in La Vendée [la vahn day] region of France. The Awards are intended to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement and practice of encaustic art.

Bonny Leibowitz

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