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Kim Bernard's Creative and Professional Practices two day workshop:

Saturday, January 18th and Sunday, January 19th, 2020

9am to 5pm each day


Additionally, Kim will be giving an talk on Creative and Professional Practices, Friday, January 17th at 7pm. The talk will be free and open to the public. You are welcome to invite friends, organizations and art groups.


The cost of this workshop is $495 and you will come away with an incredible amount of information on moving your practice forward! A $100 deposit secures your space. Please confirm availability with Bonny at and please read below for all the details!




Creative & Professional Practice Two Day Workshop

This intensive workshop is designed for artists who want to create a sustainable life making art and advance both creatively and professionally. Creating a strong, body of work is the most important part of being an artist, but how do you pay the bills, juggle time, money, studio and life? This workshop will address the most critical issues in developing a lifelong practice of making art. Issues of how and where to exhibit, documentation, creating a website, grant writing, residencies, developing a supportive community and time management will be thoroughly covered. Participants should be prepared to share images of work for critique, a first draft of their artist's statement, bio and resume, be prepared to examine their studio practice, accept critical feedback on their work and professional development guidance. Work sessions will be broken up with journaling sessions, yoga and dark chocolate breaks..




Creative & Professional Practice Interview:

What kinds of artists take your creative and professional practice workshop?

Most workshop participants have been out of art school (if they ever went) for years and have developed a strong body of work that they're ready to get out into the world, but simply do not know how, or have tried and found it frustrating. Most have a full or part-time jobs they would like to scale back on, in order to make more of a life and living out of their creative practice.


Where do you even begin in teaching artist the skills they need?

I have developed a list of topics, skills and resources that artists absolutely must know. In the workshop we focus the nuts and bolts of what an artist needs to do to get their work out there. Emerging artist don't necessarily know the protocol of approaching a gallery director, curator or an exhibiting venue. We talk about all of that, and much more, at length.


What are the specific skills artists need beyond making art?

How to photograph, document and keep an inventory (both physical and digital) of their work, build a website, develop a mailing list, promote themselves, develop a network and a creative community. Artists need to know how to get exposure for their work, price appropriately, market and cultivate a following. I also work with students on how to speak and write about their work, articulate their ideas, write a statement, bio, resume, write grants and find residencies.


This sounds like a lot of intense material to cover in two 8 hour days. How do you approach the pace of the workshop?

Before we even begin the workshop, I have participants email me images and their web link if they have one. So, when we meet, I'm already familiar with everyone's work. In class, I toggle between presentation, group discussion, Q&A, short writing exercises, interactive brainstorming exercises, stretching and breaks.


Why isn't this taught in art school?

I have three possible answers for that…

1. Full-time art professors have a steady income. They don't need to go out and hustle their work like full-time artists do. They may not even know what it takes.

2. Art instructors aren't eager to share the professional skills they've learned, through the school of hard knocks, to the young students who will soon go out there and potentially become their competition.

3. When I was in art school these topics were taboo. It was almost as if it were beneath my professors to discuss approaching a gallery, marketing and money.


What makes you particularly equipped to teach this workshop?

I have a BFA degree from Parsons and an MFA degree from MassArt. I have 32 years experience as a working artists and 32 years experience teaching art. I have been married twice, divorced once and parented two sons who are now 27 and 29. I have learned by doing, reading, research, taking workshops and talking to more established artists. Everything I've learned, I've learned by doing it wrong at least once. I've been very fortunate, but I've learned by doing the hard work. Why shouldn't others benefit from my efforts? There’s a Hopi Saying I try to live by “Everything I've ever learned, has been given to me as a gift, and its not my right to keep it.”


What do you hope your workshop participants leave with?

I always hope that participants leave feeling inspired and empowered with their new knowledge. There are so many options, avenues, approaches. I impress upon my students that there’s not one way, but many, many ways to live and make money as a working artist. I work with my students to develop an Action Plan that prioritizes what tasks they will tackle and in what order. I encourage them to complete it when they get home and send it to me so there's some sense of accountability. I follow my former workshop participants with genuine interest. Some of them, I continue to mentor. It’s incredibly rewarding to see these artists careers develop.


Hannah Secord Wade - studio pictured above


"I took Kim Bernard’s course primarily for the chance to have constructive feedback on my portfolio and materials. After finishing graduate school, I found that group critiques were difficult to replicate, particularly once I moved to a rural location. Having professional input on my practice was incredibly helpful, and I have taken her course every few years. I feel the course has helped me refine the presentation of my work, and allowed me to connect with other artists working locally. Kim conducts her workshops in a very respectful and nurturing way, and provides a supportive and engaging environment for artists."

-Hannah Secord Wade


Sharyn Paul Brusie, pictured above:


"One of the greatest tools that Kim Bernard has passed on to me is something that I feel will serve my creativity throughout my life. Rather than thinking my way through a project, Kim emphasized the value in going into my studio to explore, play and discover as a first step - a gift. It doesn't prove to be beneficial when I "think" something to death. Instead, the unearthing process, opens me up to what might surface through my hands. It allows me to trust myself and the vitality that lives in my work. Ultimately, it brings my art to a place I couldn’t have even imagined and that energizes me. I’m sincerely grateful for Kim’s vast wisdom.”

-Sharyn Paul Brusie


More Testimonials:


"I've benefited so much from working with you...and when I benefit, then everyone around me does, too. Just like you mentioned with the tide raising all boats.”


"Thank you for being yourself, available, and a great listener that you are."


"I came home incredibly inspired and set to work changing my life in such a way as to create more room in my home and my head for my art and things are happening as a result."


"This was so meaningful. Thanks so much for holding it and for (gently) encouraging me to attend. Great, comprehensive information. A sharing community of artists confronting the same or similar issues, your wonderful presence and thoughtful and honest advice. This all could not have come at a better time, and has provided the guidance on the next leg of journey, wherever it leads me.


"It means the world to me that Kim is such a professional presenter/workshop leader. I appreciate the huge job it was to keep us on track and moving forward while at the same time sharing conversations and ideas, answering questions and balancing personalities. I enjoyed our group dynamics and what each individual brought to the table and like the way Kim respected that aspect of our group. Thank you for adding yoga, for me it was a spiritual integration of ourselves and I enjoyed the movement."


About Kim Bernard:

Kim Bernard shows her sculpture, installations and encaustic works nationally and has been invited to participate in many exhibits, some of which include the Portland Museum of Art, Currier Museum of Art, Fuller Craft Museum, Colby College Museum of Art, Art Complex Museum and UNH Museum of Art. Her work has been reviewed in the Boston Globe, Art News and featured in Art New England. Bernard is the recipient of the Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant, a NEFA grant, several Maine Arts Commission Grants and was an artist-in-residence in the Physics Department at Harvard University in 2015-16 and the artist-in-residence at the University of New England in 2016-17. She received her BFA from Parsons in 1987, her MFA from Mass Art in 2010. Bernard mentors emerging artists individually and teaches workshops nationally.



Payment info:

The cost of the workshop is $495.00

A $100.00 non-refundable non-transferable deposit holds your space.

Please let me know right away if you would like to join in and I will confirm space availability. Spaces fill up quickly!


Balance due:

December 14th, 2019: $395.00



Payment Options (after availability is confirmed:)

- via Zelle to

- via PayPal by logging into paypal and sending your payment to or please request a paypal invoice from me.

- By check to The Encaustic Center, 580 W Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, TX, 75080

- By credit card; call Bonny at 214-405-5993

- By cash at The Bonny Studio or The Encaustic Center, please call or email Bonny to schedule a time: or 214-405-5993


Cancellation policy:

In the event of cancellation after the workshop is paid in full by December 14th, 2019, $385.00 will be refunded if someone from the waiting list is able to attend. Non-payment of the $395 balance by December 14th, 2019, may result in someone form the waiting list taking the space so please be sure to watch for the balance due email announcement and please be in touch if there are any changes.


Please let me know right away if you would like to join in and I will confirm space availability. Spaces fill up quickly!


Bonny Leibowitz

for registration and questions



The Encaustic Center

580 W Arapaho Rd. #271

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580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080