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Supplies from Lora Murphy's Workshop


Hi Friends, As many of you know, we just held Lora Murphy's amazing Contemporary Portraiture workshop here at The Encaustic Center. She introduced MANY techniques and recipes specific to portraiture which can also be applied to works of all nature. One of the enlightening techniques is painting on unstretched, unprimed canvas. You can then prime with Casein Gesso and use a mix of microcrystalline wax and medium to make your paint in order to work successfully on the canvas. One of the great advantages to this process is being able to roll and ship your work besides being a beautiful tactile surface. Also, the canvas can be stretched after painting, Lora has taken great care over the years to develop the below color palette, recipes and techniques and has very generously allowed me to share them with you.

Below you will find the supply info with a price chart from The Encaustic Center. I don't do shipping but if you are in the area and would like to place an order, please do. I have quite a bit in stock but will email a confirmation back to you and let you know when the items which might need to be ordered get here.

Pics from our wonderful workshop! There are two pages in the album. You can even start at the end to see the amazing results by scrolling down to the last pics on the second page...enjoy! Click here to see the images.

Lora's supply info and recipes below:

All pricing includes discounts and tax!

R&F Pigment Sticks:

Sepia $13.81

Sanguine Light $12.25

Sanguine Medium $12.25

Sanguine Deep $12.25

Quinacrodone Magenta $18.58

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks:

brilliant yellow pale $4.86

light buff titanium $4.37

Cadmium orange $6.80

Naples Yellow Reddish $4.86

Red Earth pale $4.86

Golden Buff Titanium $4.86

Brilliant Yellow Pale $4.86

Chromium Oxide Green $4.86

Cobalt Aqua $7.29

Cadmium Red Light $7.29

Yellow Ochre $4.37

Transparent Earth Red $6.80

Cerulean Blue $7.29

White $4.37

Viridian $7.29

Medium $16.00 per pound

Microcrystaline wax in 12 ounce bars  $12.18

Casein Gesso

black Casein Gesso 4 oz gesso $7.80

white Casein Gesso 16 oz gesso $19.50

From Lora:


The R&F pigment stick colors are

Sepia , ( darkest )

Sanguine light, med, dark

Quinacrodone magenta

Brown pink is also a gorgeous colour


Enkaustikos Hot Stick colors


Here are my midtone recipes. Put a little medium on the palette first and then slowly add the encaustic paint (hot sticks). Mix well and constantly check your colours on a white surface too.

Cool halftone

White 6 parts

Yellow ochre   1.5 parts

Viridian 1 part

Cadmium red light speck

Medium 20 parts

Midtones warm

Warm transition halftone (where the light turns the form .. Between shadow and light )

White 6 parts

Cadmiun red light 1 part

Yellow ochre 1 part

Chrome oxide green 1/2 part

Cadmium orange 1/2 part

Medium 20 parts


Generally you want thin , transparent shadows. More purple and blues in the eye area and a greenish umber cast in the lower third of the face .

Dark warm

Transparent oxide red 3 parts

White 2 parts

Viridian 2 parts

Cadmium orange 1.5 parts

Medium 20 parts


Transparent red oxide 4 parts

Viridian 3 parts

Cadmium orange 1.5 parts

Medium 20 parts

Estimate and adjust with all of these formulas for tone and color variation. Its not an exact science :)

I mix the Enkaustikos light colours with medium and microcrystalline 1/3 each .

To warm add cadmium red light OR yellow ochre ..a very little at a time

To darken , add a little of the some of the midtone mixes

To lighten , add white or brilliant yellow pale

To cool , add cereuleun blue .

I add a little cereleun blue and yellow ochre to the Sienna pink and Red earth pale .

I add viridian to the buff titanium and this is a great reflected light colour .

Add a touch of cadmium orange to brighten up a dull passage

Using microcrystalline ,

Mix microcrystalline and medium in equal parts but can be adjusted . Can be used on canvas but first prime with Sinopiaa Caesin Gesso.

You must experiment with these formulas as all paints are different. But these are a good guideline .

Happy painting , cheers , Lora

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