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The Encaustic Center proudly announces

Lorraine Glessner's 3-day Encaustic Workshop: Beyond the Basics


Friday October 12th, Saturday October 13th, Sunday October 14th, 2018

10:00 to 4:00 each day

The cost is $625.00 which includes Most supplies (supply and registration info below)



Ready to take your knowledge of encaustic to the next level? Then this is the workshop for you! With an emphasis on mixed-media techniques and materials including the latest tools, mark-making and utilizing horsehair as a drawing tool. Progressive painting and collage techniques include the use of transparency and opacity, blending, gradations, pours and how to apply and manipulate layers of color and visual information. It is helpful, but not necessary to have had any previous experience with the encaustic medium to take this workshop.



Provided Supplies (with additional supply options)

  • Medium
  • Heat Guns and torches
  • Encaustic paint but you are welcome to purchase additional paints at The Encaustic Center
  • A few pigment sticks but you are welcome to purchase additional pigment sticks at The Encaustic Center
  • 6 to 8 wooden painting panels 8x8 and / or 10x10 but you are welcome to purchase more of your own here at The Encaustic Center or online; no larger or smaller than 8x8 or 10x10, please. Your preference if you want to encaustic gesso your boards, but nothing coated in acrylic or acrylic gesso! We sell encaustic gesso at The Encaustic Center.
  • Brushes but you are welcome to bring more of your own ½” to 3”
  • Paper towels
  • paraffin for brush cleaning
  • heated encaustic tools and irons
  • Extra drawing paper
  • Parchment paper
  • stencils
  • Horse hair
  • Student Supply List: Students should bring the following materials with them:
  • Sketchbook or drawing paper and drawing media of your choice
  • Closed toe shoes for safety in the studio
  • 2 to 4 pics of your work on your phone or ipad or print outs
  • Various materials for collage (fabric, papers, magazine images, photographs, etc.)
  • Any small sharp-ended tool for incising/writing/drawing into the wax
  • Any tool or material for any technique that you normally employ while working with encaustic
  • A package of razor blades or scraper
  • Blue tape
  • Optional:
  • Smock
  • Razor blade holder
  • A limited variety of pigment sticks will be provided, please bring your preferred colors or you can purchase at The Encaustic Center
  • Basic encaustic colors will be provided, however if you prefer working with certain colors, please bring them with you or purchase at The Encaustic Center. (containers provided)


Lorraine Glessner



Lorraine Glessner’s love of surface, pattern, markmaking, image and landscape has led her to combine disparate materials and processes such as silk, wood, branding, rust, paper and more in her work. Lorraine is an Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, a workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. She holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, a BS from Philadelphia University, and an AAS in Computer Graphics from Moore College of Art & Design. She has a diverse art background with skills that include painting, sculpture, graphic design, interior design, textile design, photography, digital imaging and much more. Among her most recent professional achievements is a Second Place award in Sculpture from Art of the State at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA, a recently completed artist residency at Jentel Foundation and an acquisition by Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Lorraine’s work is exhibited locally and nationally in galleries, craft centers, schools, libraries, universities, and more. Like her work, Lorraine brings to her teaching a strong interdisciplinary approach, mixed with a balance of concept, process, history, experimentation, problem solving and discovery.



Payment info:

The cost of the workshop is $625.00

Please let me know right away if you would like to join in and I will confirm space availability. Spaces fill up quickly!

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit holds your space.


Balance due:

September 14th, 2018: $525.00


Cancellation policy:

In the event of cancellation after the September14th, balance payment of $525.00; $515.00 will be refunded if someone from the waiting list is able to attend. Non-payment of the $525 balance by September 14th may result in someone form the waiting list taking the space so please be sure to watch for the balance due email announcement and please be in touch if there are any changes. Thank you!


Payment Options (after availability is confirmed:)

* via PayPal by logging into paypal and sending your payment to or please request a paypal invoice from me.


* By check to The Encaustic Center, 580 W Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, TX, 75080


* By credit card; call Bonny at 214-405-5993


* By cash at The Bonny Studio or The Encaustic Center, please call or email Bonny to schedule a time: or 214-405-5993


Bonny Leibowitz

for registration and questions

bonny at



additional contact for questions:

Deanna Wood



The Encaustic Center

580 W Arapaho Rd. #271

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580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080