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The VERY BIG Mixed Media Workshop with Bonny!

Friday September 4th, Saturday September 5th and Sunday September 6th, 2020

10:00 to 4:00 each day

$525.00 All supplies included...and there are tons of supplies!


Plus A Special Consultation Day Monday, September 7th:

On Monday, September 6th, You will have the opportunity to get valuable feedback including how to incorporate some of the Mixed Media processes into your ongoing body of work. We'll discuss various and inventive ways to hang  the work. I'll be showing a PowerPoint for this as well. We'll also delve into what's most important to you in your work and creative process and how to build on those concepts including ways to move forward in creating a series. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and will benefit from these mind expanding talks! This will be done in a group setting but the dialog will be individualized and as I look at the work of each person and give feedback. The beauty of this setting is the group dynamic, picking up ideas from my feedback and continuing to build a bond with participants, a community of artists is very important to our art life!


The cost for this day is $100. We'll start at 10am and see how long the day goes up to 4pm. Please let me know if you are able to participate when signing up for the workshop.






Cost and payment:

The cost of the workshop is $525.00

A $100.00 non-refundable non-transferable deposit holds your space.

Balance due: July 28th: $425.00

Add the Special Consultation Day Monday, September 7th: $100; non-refundable non-transferable, due at the time of sign up for the workshop.

Non-payment of the workshop amount paid in full by July 28th could result in someone from the waiting list taking the space so please be on the lookout for balance due reminders.


Cancellation policy:

In the event of cancellation, after the workshop is paid in full, $415.00 will be refunded if someone from the waiting list is able to attend.


Payment Options:

PayPal to  or request a paypal invoice.

Via Zelle to:

Check to The Encaustic Center, 580 W Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, TX, 75080

Credit card by calling Bonny at 214-405-5993

Cash at The Bonny Studio or The Encaustic Center holds your space, please email Bonny to schedule a time:





Thank you again for such a well-planned, fun, informative, imaginative, and challenging workshop. I just loved listening to you critiques from 1-1 to group. I admire your integration of class and artistic career. I look forward to more opportunities to tap into your resourcefulness!



I have recently been experiencing all parts of my life open up, including my relationship with art. I thought this workshop would help me loosen up even more and I wasn't disappointed! Bonny was wonderful in all aspects of the workshop. First, our time was exquisitely planned. She had all of the supplies we needed to learn all sorts of new techniques and create some beautiful art. She had every minute planned and motivated us to move and take action where we might have been reticent in the past. The work each day built on subsequent work and the whole 3 days came together very nicely. Although it wasn't the goal, I walked away with some beautiful pieces. The 12 of us who participated in the workshop bonded and had a wonderful 3 days!

It was a wonderful workshop!



This is a really BIG MiXED MEDiA workshop! Lots of new products to experiment with along with introduction to new processes. Bonny organized the workshop so well, great demos with examples, and lots of time to play. The time flew and I came away with lots of new ideas to expand my work. Didn't know work could be so much fun!




Bonny Leibowitz

for registration and questions



The Encaustic Center

580 W Arapaho Rd. #271

Richardson, TX. 75080




580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080